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New Menu Delivered 11/17/20

Traditional Flavors we crave & a few new flavors that make you crave more- Enjoy.

Main Course Selections

1) Beef Lasagna - Angus beef in our house organic marinara *Gluten Free available

2) Vegetable Lasagna - organic vegetables - spinach, zucchini & carrots *Gluten Free available

3) Cider Glazed Organic Chicken Breast- roasted with Gala apples

4) Thai Beef in a Red Curry- Angus filet mignon, broccoli, coconut red curry - rich but healthy *spicy upon request

5) Thai Chicken in a Red Curry - bell peppers & zucchini * spicy upon request

6) Wild Atlantic Salmon- pear tomatoes, lemon, garlic, capers & basil

Side Dish Selections

1) Salad- Caesar

2) Jasmine Rice

3) Double stuffed baked potato

4) Roasted Fall Vegetables- sweet potatoes, red potatoes, carrots & turnips w/ corianger, turmeric, ginger & orange zest