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New Menu Delivered 11/03/20

Election Day Comfort Food & Fall Favorites

Main Course Selections

1) Beef Stroganoff w/ Angus Ribeye, mushrooms & onions in a beef sour cream reduction

Chicken or Beef Enchiladas in our house red sauce

2) chicken

3) Beef

4) Apricot BBQ Chicken Breast & Thighs- savory & sweet

5) Jumbo Crab Cakes with our house tartar sauce

6) Crispy Baked Wild Salmon with paprika, brown sugar panko & butter

7) Wild Salmon- garlic, lemon, tomatoes, capers & basil

Side Dish Selections

1) Fall Salad- roasted beets, augala, dried cherries & blue cheese

2) Melting Potatoes- roasted & crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside

3) Pumpkin Soup with coconut milk & bananas

4) Corn Souffle

5) Green Bean Casserole with mushrooms & topped with crispy onions

6) Roasted Asparagus with Parmesan bread crumbs

7) Mustard Parmesan Roasted Cauliflower

8) Apple Torte

At About Thyme we buy the best ingredients available. Seasonal, organic, free -range & wild fish- nothing ever processed. No chemicals, hormones, preservatives, GMO's, or pesticides. We care what you put in your body,

John Kinderman

Owner- About Thyme

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