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Meal Delivery Menu 05/26/20

Updated: May 20, 2020

We are offering a Cobb salad this week with a homemade salad dressing, we work with UVC lights, have tested this, so now we are offering it! No more packaged salads, bottled dressings! Don't want bacon in it? let us know. Thus begins our spring and summer collection of Salads!

\Just make sure you eat it Tuesday or Wednesday.

We are also offering Our Classic Spanish Paella, we have been making this dish for years in a real Copper paella dish- from our kitchen to yours- enjoy!


Choose 3 Main Dishes

1) Spanish Paella! This nourishing, vibrant classic dish is made with Arborio rice, chicken stock, tomatoes, saffron, peas, onion, and herbs. Baked in a Copper Paella Pan that infuses these flavors together for that classic taste. I am offering it 3 different ways- with chicken, chicken and shrimp, or chicken, shrimp and chorizo ( pork) YUMMY!

2) Chicken Pot Pie- This classic comfort dish we are serving in homemade pie crusts with a top crust to insure it reheats to perfection.

3) Asian inspired Salmon cooked in a Banana Leaf- with Tamari ( gluten free soy sauce) ginger, green onion and a little honey- I love this one!

4) Back by popular demand- Beef Lasagna Angus beef, ricotta, mozzarella & parmesan in our house organic marinara.


  Choose 6 Side Dishes

1) Cobb Salad- Romain and Iceberg, tomatoes, turkey, bacon, hard boiled eggs, blue cheese, and chives Side Dressing- red wine vinegar, dijon, olive oil, salt and pepper

2) Thai Glass Noodle Salad- rice noodles, carrots, cashews, garlic, ginger, green onion and pea sprouts

3) Garlic Parmesan Golden Potatoes

4) Roasted Spring Vegetables- asparagus, carrots, wild leeks, and bok choy

5) Stewed Collard greens with bacon *or no bacon 6) Cannelini Beans with Spinach- sage, garlic and lemon zest

6) Cannelloni Beans with Spinach- sage, garlic & lemon zest

7) Flourless Chocolate Cake- 4" round, gluten free- with Swiss chocolate- serve them warm, and add your favorite ice-cream!

Kids Meals are always easy for us, let us know what your kids like, we can make it! 

We are giving out Medical Masks to clients, we have access to them now. Need more, let us know.

Safety is our main concern- we use UV(C) Germicidal Lights to make sure your food does not bring the COVID-19 virus into your home!

For 11 years clients have enjoyed our food at Events. We pride ourselves on the quality of food, going organic whenever we can, working with local farmers, and working on sustainable practices. Although this is a different time, we will do our best to get the same quality of food you have enjoyed for years, delivered to your door. We are delivering to Doctors homes, those helping on on the front line, and even seniors for free. We take great pride in being able to help in this historic moment. Together we will get through this

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