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Meal Delivery Menu 05/12/20

This Weeks Menu is exciting for us with complex, diverse flavors. We will send an email to everyone who orders with detailed "re-heating" instructions. We have been working on tantalizing selections that will last in your fridge for 4-5 days, not our norm, but after 5 weeks of deliveries, and many tests exploring culinary creations, we are learning and enjoying the journey.


      Choose 3 Main Courses

1) Angus Center Cut Sirloin Steak Bourguignon

2) Mahi Mahi Tacos- comes with our "house-made" corn tortillas, pico de gallo, and an avocado crema sauce

3) Angus Maple Bourbon Pork Ribs

4) Chicken Marbella- Braised Halal chicken thighs with green olives, apricots, prunes & capers in a white wine-chicken stock reduction ( chicken breast available upon request)


  Choose 6 Side Dishes

1) Red Camargue Rice Pilaf w/ vegetables *organic *vegan

2) Roasted Hasselback Maple & Thyme Sweet Potatoes *organic *vegan

3) Bacon & Cheese Stuffed Potato

4) Cauliflower Steaks w/ pine nuts and raisins *vegan

5) Orange Sesame Broccoli *organic *vegan

6) Spring Faro Salad w/ asparagus, chèvre, lemon & mint *organic *vegan

7) Roasted Heirloom Carrots, Snap Peas & Fennel *organic *vegan

8) Banana Fosters Brioche Bread Pudding

We have been having requests for a " dessert" option, we have an amazing pastry chef- enjoy! Kids Meals are always easy for us, let us know what your kids like, we can make it! 


You wash and assemble your own salad 

We will provide Organic Greens and Vegetables

 & a bottle of Annes organic salad dressing. For our regular clients, please let us know if you are out of dressing and what kind you like.

We are giving out Medical Masks to clients, we have access to them now. Need more, let us know.

Safety is our main concern- we use UV(C) Germicidal Lights to make sure your food does not bring the COVID-19 virus into your home!

For 11 years clients have enjoyed our food at Events. We pride ourselves on the quality of food, going organic whenever we can, working with local farmers, and working on sustainable practices. Although this is a different time, we will do our best to get the same quality of food you have enjoyed for years, delivered to your door. We are delivering to Doctors homes, those helping on on the front line, and even seniors for free. We take great pride in being able to help in this historic moment. Together we will get through this

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