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Meal Delivery 12/08/20

Comfort food can be healthy- Organic Ingredients to spike our immunity system with super foods that are super tasty.

From our kitchen to your your doorstep..

Main Course Selections

1) Braised Tuscan Chicken w/ sundried tomatoes

2) Grilled Provencal Rack of Lamb - house mint sauce

3) Cherry Balsamic Pork Tenderloin

4) Vegan Coconut Red Curry Vegetable Stew

5) Blood Orange Honey Glazed Salmon

6) Wild Atlantic Salmon - pear tomatoes, garlic, lemon, capers & basil

Side Dish Selections

1) Sicilian Salad- mixed greens, blood oranges, red onion & mint - red wine vinaigrette

2) Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with rosemary & seasalt

3) WIld Mushroom Risotto