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Meal Delivery 04/20/21

Spring menus are so much fun to create. The beginning of so many blooming flavors we long for each year.

At About Thyme we buy the best ingredients available. Seasonal, organic, free -range . . Never anything processed with chemicals, preservatives, GMO's, or pesticides. These are whole ingredients..Delivered to your home.

From our kitchen to your doorstep..

John Kinderman

Owner- About Thyme

Main Course Selections

choose three

1) Braised Angus "Corned Beef" Brisket

Fajita Night! - corn or flour tortillas ( please specify below) pico & guacamole

2) Angus Skirt Steak w/ Bell Peppers & Onions

3) Organic Chicken w/Bell Peppers & Onions

4) Vegan- Sweet Potatoes & Black Beans- Bell Peppers & Onions

5) Spring Roasted Organic Chicken Thighs With Peas & Mint - coriander, leeks, white wine in a savory broth

6) Linguine Carbonara w/ pancetta

7) Crispy Salmon- garlic, parsley, dijon & butter

8) Pacific Salmon - pear tomatoes, garlic, lemon, capers & basil

Side Dish Selections

choose three

1) Spring Salad - Apricot Vinaigrette- butter lettuce, watercress & feta

2) Colecannon Irish Potatoes- russet, cabbage & green onion ( yummy)

3) Garden Vegetable Rice

4) Roasted Carrots with a pistachio pesto

5) Roasted Broccoli with Garlic

6) Zucchini & Squash w/ tarragon & lemon

7) Sauteéd Spinach w/ garlic

8) Carrot Cake

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