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Meal Delivery 04/06/21

Spring is here, why not have our meals reflect some lighter spring seasonal delights?

Please wait to order online tomorrow, I will activate everyone's payment then. Feeling Liberated to get my second vaccine today- thanks fo the much needed week off!

At About Thyme we buy the best ingredients available. Seasonal, organic, free -range . . Never anything processed with chemicals, preservatives, GMO's, or pesticides. These are whole ingredients..Delivered to your home.

From our kitchen to your doorstep..

John Kinderman

Owner- About Thyme

Main Course Selections

choose 3

1) Australian Free- Range Leg Of Lamb - provencal

2) Chicken Enchiladas- house red sauce

Greek Gyro Night - comes with Pita bread & Tzatziki

3) Angus Filet Mignon

4) Organic Chicken

5) Vegan Organic Meatloaf- veggies & chickpeas - yummy!

6) Seared Ahi Tuna Steak - tamari, toasted sesame oil, honey & sesame seeds

7) Pacific Salmon - pear tomatoes, garlic, lemon, capers & basil

Side Dish Selections

choose 6

1) Greek Salad - romaine, cucumber, olives, red onion & tomato- red wine vinaigrette

2) Hasselback Golden Potatoes- garlic, olive oil, butter

3) Garden Vegetable Rice

4) Sautéed Spinach - garlic, olive oil

5) Grilled Eggplant, Zucchini & Squash - aged balsamic

6) Roasted Broccoli & Cauliflower - garlic, olive oil

7) Baby Heirloom Carrots- ginger & honey

8) Chocolate Flourless Tart

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