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Meal Delivery 03/16/21

Angus Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding Muffins- Oh My !

At About Thyme we buy the best ingredients available. Seasonal, organic, free -range . . Never anything processed with chemicals, preservatives, GMO's, or pesticides. These are whole ingredients..Delivered to your home.

From our kitchen to your doorstep..

John Kinderman

Owner- About Thyme

Main Course Selections

choose 3

1) Angus Prime Rib with yorkshire pudding muffins

2) Honey Dijon Pork Tenderloin - marinated, grilled and finished in the oven

3) Grilled Chicken Satay w/ peanut sauce - marinated & grilled

4) Grilled Calamari Steak - lemon butter marinated & grilled

5) Iron Skillet Honey Garlic Sticky Salmon- iron skillet on high

6) Salmon- garlic, pear tomatoes, lemon, capers & basil