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Our Winner and a Recipe..

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Thank you to everyone who signed up these last two weeks, we really appreciate your interest. Kristin C. , from Glendale, is our randomly picked winner, she has her husband and daughter at home, and is very excited to not have to go out ! Congrats, Kristen, you have a an amazing menu to pick from.


We are excited about featuring Mediterranean Chef, Rojika, this next week! She is from Lebanon, and whenever we feature her menus, the guests love it!

We are also excited for Cinco De Mayo, and today we got our enchilada sauce prepped.

Chef Danny is also including banana caramel empanadas to everyone, it's our way to say- Thank you.

Our Beef Enchilada Casserole is always a big hit- like most this we do, it's from scratch. I think that is a good reason why we have been in business 11 years now, and have won multiple awards. Get the best ingredients, and make it from scratch.

Our Enchilada sauce recipe -

We deseed California Chilies, soak them in salt water overnight- this takes out the hot pungent taste and makes it flavorsome. Tomorrow we will blend the pods with garlic, water, and a little olive oil, and cook it in a large pot for 4 hours to reduce. It is a step most don't bother with, but the difference in taste is titillating!

Mexican Cheese-

We use Panela and a little Oaxaca - that's the stringy cheese in Mexico used for Quesadillas. We do top it with a Monterey jack /cheddar cheese mix, that makes it- Cal Mex, and everyone loves it!

We use corn tortillas, no gluten, and taste better, layer the tortillas drenched with the sauce on the bottom, next is the angus beef chuck, more sauce, Mexican cheese, tortillas, more sauce, and top it with the Monterey/ cheddar mix. You can use onions, vegetables, anything really, but we like to feature the sauce, beef and cheese.

Thank you for subscribing to About Thyme, we appreciate you, and together we will get through this!

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