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Delivery 04/27/21

Variety is the spice of this week's menu- the organic pork loin chop is a sweet and sour masterpiece of healthy yumminess! The Cannelloni choices don't stop with the fabulous fillings.. it's really all about the sauces. Our always popular homemade organic marinara has been a staple for years, or maybe you are in the mood to indulge with a creamy Alfredo. Forget the calorie counter and pamper your taste buds with the luscious Lobster Cream Sauce. mmmmmm

Hard week to only choose three..

At About Thyme we buy the best ingredients available. Seasonal, organic, free -range . . Never anything processed with chemicals, preservatives, GMO's, or pesticides. These are whole ingredients..Delivered to your home.

From our kitchen to your doorstep..

John Kinderman

Owner- About Thyme

Main Course Selections

choose three

1) Slow Roasted Angus BBQ Tri- Tip Steak

Cannelloni Night- choice of chicken, vegetable & shrimp

2) Chicken & Spinach - house marinara

3) Mushroom & Spinach - Alfredo ( or marinara )

4) Shrimp- Lobster Cream Sauce ( or marinara)

5) Organic Pork Loin Chops - grilled and finished in the oven with garlic, honey, apple cider vinegar, butter & olive oil - yum!

6) Shrimp Scampi- garlic, butter, white wine, lemon & parsley

7) Pacific Salmon - pear tomatoes, garlic, lemon, capers & basil

Side Dish Selections

choose three

1) Spinach & Beet Salad w/ toasted walnuts -honey balsamic (added blue cheese upon request)

2) Double Stuffed Baked Potatoes ( added bacon upon request)

3) Jasmine Rice w/ vegetables

4) Roasted Garnet Yams & Heirloom Carrots

5) Zucchini Pasta w/ garlic & parmesan

6) Roasted Spring Vegetables- asparagus, broccoli, snap peas & leeks

7) Tri- Colored Quinoa Salad " Power-Boost" - butternut squash, Tuscan kale, pine nuts- apple cider vinaigrette

8) Mixed Berry Cobbler

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