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Event Space Details
  • Size: The Arbor courtyard is 900 sq feet

  • Capacity: Comfortably seats 50 people with a buffet, bar, and extra space

  • If desired, you can rent additional space including our inside bar area and Dragon Room, for an additional fee. With all the rooms combined, you can comfortably host 70 people.

Deposit Information
  • Your credit card information is due upon execution of booking. A 50% deposit confirms your reservation on a definite basis. You agree and authorize The Arbor/ About Thyme to charge your credit card for the deposit detailed above. You will receive an online link to complete CC info.


Rules and Regulations


  • Any amplified music must be approved in advance and be kept to a minimum with respect to neighbors.  

  • In keeping with The City of Burbank laws, the times of Events are limited to 10:00 pm on weekdays and 11:00 pm on weekends.  Special considerations will be made for choosing packages that include in-door rooms.

  • Clients wishing to have their Event Catered must use About Thyme. We do allow drop-offs in certain circumstances. 

  • There is a $250 cleaning fee added to all Events.

  • Any outside vendors must be approved by The Arbor. The Arbor was created to have packages with in-house Vendors to make it easy for the Client.

  • Any Event over 30 guests must use a Valet service. We do provide this in our packages. There can be exceptions to this rule if most guests plan to take alternate transportation.

  • Alcohol will not be served to minors.

  • At any time, if the VENUE staff deems alcohol consumption to be excessive, the staff has the authority to close down all alcohol service and/or evict inebriated guests from the premises.

  • Client is responsible for any guests during or after the event, in regards to alcohol use.

  • The client may bring their own alcohol in but must use our bartending staff.

  • All children must be under the supervision of an adult.

  • Leave No Trace Practices: All decorations, outside food or other items brought by you or your party must be placed and removed without leaving any damage. Any items left behind by you or your party will be subject to a $250 removal fee taken from your security deposit.

  • Placement of decorations must be pre-approved.  The following items are prohibited in decorating and may NOT be used on the property: nails, screws, staples, glitter, confetti, and birdseed.

  • All decorations and flowers are to be removed by the end of the rental period.

  • There is no smoking or vaping in The Arbor or any rooms connected to The Arbor.

Condition of Agreement and Host Responsibilities


The Client agrees to begin and end the event at the scheduled times. The Client agrees to assume full responsibility for the conduct of his/her guests. Damages resulting from guests in attendance will be charged to the Client.

Hold Harmless


The Client agrees to hold harmless The Arbor, its partners, associates, agents, officers, directors, affiliates and independent contractors from any and all claims, actions, suits, or allegations for damages to person or property which relates, emanates or in any way pertains to the event other than those resulting from the negligence or misconduct of The Arbor or its employees.

The Arbor reserves the right to approve or deny any requests to protect the integrity and standards of The Arbor. TM 2020

Questions or concerns - please reply to

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