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For the best experience, please use the most up-to-date Chrome browser (download here)

Step 1:

For first time users:

Select your meal plan

from the "Food Delivery" page.



If you already have a username and password, make sure you are signed in- and click your account on the top right.

Step 2:

Choose how you would like to sign-up

for the Meal Plan: Facebook, Google, or Email.

Yes, you have to sign-up. It's a security measure to protect your information.

Step 1.PNG
Step 2.PNG

Step 3:

Complete your purchase.

Please note that the tools for processing the meal subscription are completely separate from the online ordering software. So think of the ordering page as a separate website.

Step 3.PNG

Now, it's time to choose your meals.

Step 1:

Choose your meals.

Click on the drop-down page called "Meal Selection" under the Food Delivery page.

About Thyme 1a.png

Step 2:

Select 3 Main Course Dinners & 6 Sides

Add special requests - sauce on side, gluten free

Add to order

Step 2.1.PNG

Step 3:

Choose how you want to store your information.

You can choose "Continue as guest" or to have your information stored for next time, "Connect with Facebook"

Step 2b.PNG

Step 4:

Add your address & click "Continue >"


Step 5:

Add your Contact Information & Continue

Yes, you may have just entered it when you purchased the subscription, but since your billing and delivery addresses may vary, we require it again.


Step 6:

Choose the 'Cash' option and Confirm Order

There are no charges, this is just a formality of the ordering system.

step 6.PNG


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