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Meal Delivery Menu 06/23/20

I had fun with this one. There are some old favorites I have enjoyed for years and a few new recipes I had fun creating. If you would like rice, pasta, another vegetable, let me know. Just because I love it..

If you need anything from the grocery store, paper towels, etc.., let me know.

If you see a dish you like, and want it a different way... let me know. Allergies, acid reflex, gluten-free, no onions- I am accommodating everyone. Just think of me as your personal chef.

John Kinderman

owner- About Thyme


Choose 3 Main Dishes

1) Slow Roasted Corned Beef Brisket

brushed with a brown sugar & butter glaze

2) Baked Wild Alaskan Cod - olive oil, lemon, cherry tomatoes & garlic

3) Tuscan Chicken with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach & capers

4) Butternut Squash Ravioli - maple sage butter


  Choose 6 Side Dishes

1) Baby Arugula Salad with blueberries, chèvre & pine nuts-

Lemon Champagne vinaigrette

2) Colcannon ( Irish Mashed Potatoes)